FAQ – Year 6 Parents’ Evening

How will the pupils top up their cards for lunch and break?
If the pupils are going to buy food at school during the day they will need to bring the money with them. During tutor time on Thursday the pupils will be taken by their tutor to ‘top up’ their cards at the various machines around the site. Pupils shouldn’t need more than £5.00 for the two days, any money left on cards may be lost over the summer.

Can I track my child’s spending?
Not at the moment, this is something that we are hoping to introduce in the future.
Will pupils be able to walk to school through the lower site entrance (old Stonehill gates)?
Yes, they will. These gates will be open at the beginning and end of the school day only, as will the main entrance on Wanlip Lane.
Who is responsible for my child’s medical needs?
If your child takes regular medication or has an Epipen then we should have been informed of this by your child’s primary school. However, it is vital that you fill out the ‘Agreement Booklet’ that was handed out on parents’ evening as this includes any and all medical information. For Epipens your child should carry one on them in their bag and leave one at the main reception with our first aiders.

Where can my child catch the bus?
There are currently 3 buses that come to and from the Cedars every day. Two of these are private companies: Total Travel and Nigel Jackson. These buses charge approximately £1.20 each way.
The other is a coach organised by the county council that collects pupils outside of a 3 mile radius. Places for this coach need to be applied for via the county council’s transport page.

Click here for bus timetable.