Getting to Know Your New School – Monday 3rd April

On Monday night we welcomed future pupils and their families to the Cedars Academy to begin getting to know them ahead of our Induction process in July. The evening was a great opportunity for children and their parents to have a tour of the school, meet key members of staff and learn a little about the kind of lessons they have to look forward to when they join us in Year 7.

After a welcome from Academy Head, Mr Smith, Miss Pole and Mrs Davies (Heads of Year 7) pupils and their families were taken on a tour of the academy site, led by fantastic volunteers from our pupil council, which included an insight into the classrooms that they may be taught in, an opportunity to have a go at some ‘Fridge Magnet Poetry’ in the library with the English team and the chance to have a look at some of the fantastic work that our current year 7 cohort are producing in lessons. I even hear there was a variety of interesting experiments going on in Science that involved eyeballs!

It was a fantastic evening that provided many opportunities for myself, Mrs Davies and staff at the Cedars to begin getting to know our future Year 7s. Our transition process is something that we reflect on every year at The Cedars Academy and Monday evening was the first time we have ran a ‘Getting to Know Your New School’ event; we couldn’t have been happier with its success.

Thank you to everyone that came and we are looking forward to welcoming you to The Cedars Academy in September.

In the meantime below are some of our key dates:
Monday 3rd July
– New Year 7 Parents Evening
Thursday 6th July – Induction Day
Friday 7th July – Induction Day

Miss Pole