Governors are volunteers who commit to working alongside the senior leadership team of the college to offer support and challenge. They come with skills and experiences which complement those of the staff in college and bring additional perspectives. They have a strategic, big picture role.

The Cedars Academy has academy status, and is a member of Lionheart Academies Trust. Governors form a Local Governing Body within the Trust organisation, with some delegated responsibilities to complement the top level responsibilities held by the Lionheart Trust Executive Board.

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Chris Swan Chair of Governors

The Cedars Academy Governors

Key Responsibilities

The Trust Governance & Accountability Structure

The Trust currently consists of 4 schools:

• Beauchamp College, Oadby (the founding school of the Trust)
• The Cedars Academy, Birstall which opened in September 2015 following the merger of Stonehill High School and Longslade community College.
• Highcliffe Primary, Birstall
• Riverside Primary, Birstall

Highcliffe and Riverside have a Head of School each, and also an Executive Headteacher, Scott Fewster, who has responsibility for standards across both schools.
The CEO is also the Principal of Beauchamp College.

The Trust Board meets regularly to monitor attainment and progress, to ensure financial probity, to plan strategically for the group, and to hold the CEO and Operations Team to account.

The Trust Leadership team is made up of all senior leaders, operations directors and the QLT team and meets weekly to ensure the best possible outcomes for all of the schools within the Trust.

Local Governing Bodies

Each school has its own Local Governing Body with delegated responsibilities for strategic planning, financial planning and oversight, and holding the senior leadership to account.

The LGB is made up of at least 2 parent governors, along with staff governors and as many community governors as are needed based on the challenges and skill base of each particular school.

The LGB core meetings are 6 times each year for all governors and have a key focus of monitoring quality learning and teaching.

The table below gives a broad summary of the different layers of responsibility within the Trust.

Gov 1
Gov 2
Gov 3

Scheme of Delegation

The Trust operates under a Scheme of Delegation agreed by the Trust Board. To view our current scheme please click here