Olympians visit the Cedars

It was a very special morning having Libby and Chris pop into The Cedars Academy. They are such a successful partnership, as we saw at the Paralympic Games, and our pupils can learn a lot from both of them. Libby and Chris were a pleasure to have around and it is great that athletes so local to us are happy to take time out of their busy schedules to see us. Libby & Chris met with pupils, visited a handball lesson and were ‘grilled’ by our Year 9 and Post 16 pupils. The PE Team were fully involved in the visit and thank you to Miss Pugh and Mr Khan in particular for their interaction and lesson.

We wish Libby and Chris all the best in their athletic careers and look forward to seeing them achieve more success in their next competition.

As a school we are delighted to hear that the ticket offer for the World Para Athletics Championships is now available to every school in the UK and we will be putting our application in straightaway.