Year 7s Writing Skills Rewarded

In English our Year 7s are currently working on producing a range of different types of writing; creating letters, leaflets, newspaper articles and other transactional writing. The focus is on developing writing skills (sentence structure, punctuation and spelling) whilst also encouraging our pupils to think about different levels of formality and be creative too!

As part of their lessons, 7a/En3 wrote letters to Mr Smith to let him know what they liked about The Cedars Academy and also what they thought could be improved. The class then put all of their letters into an envelope and delivered it to Mr Smith. To the class’s delight, Mr Smith visited one of their lessons this week to give them some feedback.

He said that there were lots of positive points given about how much 7a/En3 enjoyed the different lessons at The Cedars Academy and getting to learn new things. He thanked the class for their ideas which also included the fact that they enjoyed trying new things such as D&T, new sporting activities and that they liked the food on offer in the canteen.

In their letters the class also advised Mr Smith of some of the things that they would like to see more of at The Cedars Academy and whilst Mr Smith didn’t think a Go-Cart track would be a viable option he did agree to look at providing more specific places for Year 7s to go at break and lunchtime.

To top off the visit (and in honour of World Book Day this week) Mr Smith awarded a copy of The Hobbit to Arjun who, ‘wrote the best letter in terms of levels of formality, accuracy, layout and content – although it was hard to judge as they were all good.’

Congratulations to Arjun – we hope that you enjoy reading the novel and well done to all of 7a/En3, keep up the good work!

Mrs Hendra