Parent Forums

At the Cedars Academy we understand the value of an equal partnership between teachers and parents/carers and are committed to engaging with parents/carers to enhance our pupil experience and improve educational outcomes for all. We want our parents/carers to have a voice on the issues that matter.

'Good communication between school and home is essential, and children achieve more when schools and parents work together'.

There are several formal Parent Forums run by the school throughout the year which cover specific topics/year groups ie E-safety, Year 9/10 Options evenings etc. If you have any suggestions of topics you think would be beneficial to parents, then please do get in touch and let us know.
Each half term we run an informal Parents Coffee Morning/Evening to discuss both successes and areas for improvement at the academy. This is a great opportunity to get together with other parents and carers to share thoughts and ideas on what works, gain a better understanding of why particular things are managed the way they are and give suggestions on changes that can help the school improve and benefit all pupils. Members of the Senior Leadership (SLT) are present at part of these meetings so all information is discussed directly with them.

Some of the feedback can be dealt with quite quickly whereas more complicated and strategic items, that need further input from the school, will take longer to implement. The feedback from these meetings will be shared with parents/carers on this page going forward so that you can see the difference you make by attending these meetings and know that the leadership of the school do listen and value the input from parents.

Please note that these meetings are not for any child specific feedback which should be raised by contacting the school/tutor/head of year directly.

Meeting agenda:


  • Members of the SLT attending will introduce themselves and comment on any feedback from the last meeting.
  • SLT will leave the room to give parents/carers a chance to have an open discussion and take note of ideas/suggestions or issues raised. This will form the main part of the meeting.
  • SLT will return to get feedback and discuss some of the points raised or take notes so they can address them later.
  • Meeting closes.

Refreshments are provided and we hope to see you there!


Upcoming coffee evenings:
Minutes from previous meetings:
Monday 11 November 2019
Friday 20 January 2020