The Cedars Expectations


Pupils will:

    • Wear Cedars Academy Uniform
    • Have a school bag, pupil planner, reading book and a pencil case with equipment to learn
    • Arrive to lessons on time
    • Walk down corridors and stairs on the left
    • Eat in the canteen areas
    • Be polite at all times
    • Not have phones out in lessons



Pupils have a right to:

    • Good and outstanding lessons
    • Good and outstanding behaviour in lessons
    • Lessons begin with 'meet and greet' and finish with 'end and send'
    • Be respected and treated equally by all staff
    • Be stretched and challenged



Pupils should:

    • Believe in their ability to achieve within and beyond the classroom
    • Work hard and try their best in all subjects
    • Be proud of their Academy
    • Respect all staff and each other
    • Complete homework